Couldn’t have asked for better!

Hahnah takes pride in aggressively and proactively going to bat for her clients, if her work done for me is any indication. Ms. Williams made the process of defending my nursing license as easy and painless as it could be, despite the tremendous stress of the situation. She guided and encouraged me all along the way, even when I felt angry and hopeless about the false allegations against my nursing practice. Hahnah was thoroughly familiar with the license defense process and the GA Board’s quirks. She was excellent at reaching out to keep me in the loop, letting me know what to expect and determining what I could proactively do to win the Board’s favor in their decision. Her nursing experience proved invaluable in getting the result I insisted upon without ever having to go before the Board. I now have NO PUBLIC ACTION TAKEN on my license in GA! I could not recommend Hahnah Williams highly enough for license defense. She was an absolute pleasure to work with.

She is the person you want on your side!

From the very beginning Hannah made me feel comforted in the fact she had my best interest. I’ve never had to hire a lawyer before she was patient with me and explained the process in great detail. Hannah went to battle for me against my former employer and I am forever grateful. She is well versed in defending licenses and will not let anyone force her client into something that is not in their best interest. If I ever have any legal issues in the future she will be my first call!!!

Great Customer Service and Knowledgeable

As a new business owner of an IV hydration and wellness company, TK H20 IV Hydration and Wellness, I consulted with Attorney Williams on a multitude of projects regarding contracts and the legality of my practice in medicine. Attorney Williams was very helpful with reviewing contracts and providing feedback on the scope of practice required to hire healthcare workers, ensuring that I am in line with Georgia law. An added element to our partnership is that Attorney Williams is an RN, so she has a background in healthcare, which became very helpful when we discussed policies and practices for my business. I could not have chosen a better attorney to assist me with my company!

I was extremely blessed to have her as my defence attorney

Attorney Williams was the best attorney I could ever chosen. She was passionate about what she does. And ever so caring. Superior in organization for her defence for her clients. I was extremely blessed to have her as my defence attorney. From myself she will come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Attorney Williams you are THE BEST.

She cares about the clients concerns as if they were her own

HIGHLY GIFTED, ENCOURAGING, COMPASSIONATE, AND PASSIONATE! She is undeniably the perfect solution for what I needed to get on the right path to get through my tribulations. She cares about the clients concerns as if they were her own. I highly recommend Hannah Williams for any licensure resolutions needed. You won’t be disappointed. ❤️❤️

Asset to the field of nursing and overall healthcare profession

Very informative and a definite asset to the field of nursing and overall healthcare profession.

Prompt, professional and thorough

Prompt, professional and thorough. Easy to talk to Hahnah gets right to the heart of the matter. I’ll be calling her for any legal nursing advice in the future!

I definitely recommend her!

I attended a legal seminar where Hahnah Williams, Esq, RN discussed pertinent legal issues that me, as a nurse, face everyday. I left the seminar feeling so empowered because of the knowledge gained that day. I definitely recommend her!


Her passion and empowerment of nurses!

She is a freaking powerhouse!

Wow! I cannot thank Hahnah enough, truly. She worked so hard to help me with this terrible ordeal. I am excited it is finally over!!! She is incredibly intelligent, fun to work with, and a great inspiration to both nurses and women. She is a freaking powerhouse! Thank you again!

Thank you for fighting for me and giving me a voice

Hahnah, words cannot express how grateful I am for you and your services. Thank you for fighting for me and giving me a voice, listening to me with compassion, and reassuring me that everything will work out. I hope that there will never be a reason for me to need your services again, but I would definitely recommend you to any nurse in need.

Unique experience makes her a fantastic lawyer

Hahnah’s many years of experience as a Registered Nurse and attorney are evident in her practice. Not only does her unique experience make her a fantastic attorney, but she also serves her clients with empathy and an unmatched understanding. I felt comforted knowing that I could trust Hahnah to fight for me. Hahnah was always thinking 3 steps ahead of the situation at all times. I received prompt phone calls with any updates, and Hahnah was readily available when I needed her assistance. She reassured me that everything would turn out well, and I can happily say that it did. I am beyond grateful for Hahnah Williams and would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs her services.

Always has your back

Hahnah was a clear advocate and positioned herself in my corner from the very beginning. She made sure I understood that as my lawyer her priority was to protect my license and nothing else and she did not disappoint! She went head to head with bull dogs and refused to buckle to their intimidation. Hahnah is the type of lawyer that will always have her clients back and fight in the trenches for you. She performed exceptionally and always remained professional. Expect constant communication and honesty during your process. Hahnah served as a constant source of comfort during a very scary time in my career. Not only did I develop an admiration for her dedication the law and her clients; but my family will always have an unconditional appreciation for her and her determination to protect our livelihood. Thank you Hahnah, and know you have a purpose.

Compassionate and very thorough

I chose Ms Williams after reading her bio and I am glad I did. She is compassionate and very thorough. I feel like a weight has been lifted just from my consultation. She treated me with great respect and works expeditiously! I would recommend her to everyone who needs an experienced and competent attorney in e medical field.

Very helpful

I was very stressed with a issue with my RN compact licensure and she was very helpful within 30 min of our conversation.

Power house!

Hannah is a power house who really looks out for your best interest.

Her legal expertise combined with nursing experience is a winning combination

Professional, friendly, really listens. Hahnah is respectful and compassionate. Her legal expertise combined with nursing experience is a winning combination. Thank you. I am saying no to posting my name at this time for concern of my workplace situation. NP anonymous or maybe at a later date.

Exceeded My Expectation

Meeting with Attorney Williams was the missing link to scaling my business. Her consultation exceeded my expectation because she was patient as I expressed my concerns and presented the best ways to protect my intellectual property. I know this is information that is not readily accessible on the internet and should be anticipated by anyone who operates digital business.

Knowledgeable and easy to talk to

Attorney Williams was vey helpful for me because she understand healthcare. As a nurse owned business she has been the best choices to represent my company. Legally she is knowledgeable and personally she is easy to talk to about my business. I would recommend Attorney Williams for any healthcare owned business.

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