Wow! I cannot thank Hahnah enough, truly. She worked so hard to help me with this terrible ordeal. I am excited it is finally over!!! She is incredibly intelligent, fun to work with, and a great inspiration to both nurses and women. She is a freaking powerhouse! Thank you again!

Hahnah, words cannot express how grateful I am for you and your services. Thank you for fighting for me and giving me a voice, listening to me with compassion, and reassuring me that everything will work out. I hope that there will never be a reason for me to need your services again, but I would definitely recommend you to any nurse in need.

Hahnah’s many years of experience as a Registered Nurse and attorney are evident in her practice. Not only does her unique experience make her a fantastic attorney, but she also serves her clients with empathy and an unmatched understanding. I felt comforted knowing that I could trust Hahnah to fight for me. Hahnah was always thinking 3 steps ahead of the situation at all times. I received prompt phone calls with any updates, and Hahnah was readily available when I needed her assistance. She reassured me that everything would turn out well, and I can happily say that it did. I am beyond grateful for Hahnah Williams and would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs her services.

Hahnah was a clear advocate and positioned herself in my corner from the very beginning. She made sure I understood that as my lawyer her priority was to protect my license and nothing else and she did not disappoint! She went head to head with bull dogs and refused to buckle to their intimidation. Hahnah is the type of lawyer that will always have her clients back and fight in the trenches for you. She performed exceptionally and always remained professional. Expect constant communication and honesty during your process. Hahnah served as a constant source of comfort during a very scary time in my career. Not only did I develop an admiration for her dedication the law and her clients; but my family will always have an unconditional appreciation for her and her determination to protect our livelihood. Thank you Hahnah, and know you have a purpose.

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