Criminal Defense

Hahnah assists healthcare providers who are facing felony and misdemeanor charges, including DUI, assault, shoplifting, and other criminal charges.  

If you are a healthcare professional who is facing an allegation of criminal wrongdoing, you need an experienced professional license attorney who understands the collateral consequences that can result from a criminal conviction or allegation of criminal wrongdoing, including but not limited to Board disciplinary action, license revocation and suspension, loss of employment, credentialing and staff privileges denials, NPDB reports, OIG exclusion, and DEA registration revocation. 

If you are facing a criminal matter, you can use the form on the side to contact me regarding your legal issue. Please be as detailed as possible. You may also schedule a consultation here.

Attorney Hahnah Williams

Hahnah Williams, Attorney at Law, PC

As a nurse turned attorney, Hahnah understands the stress and worry that is caused by a professional license matter.  Like you, Hahnah relied on her healthcare license to earn a living. This is why Hahnah fights hard for her fellow healthcare professionals!