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What is Operation Nightingale? 

In early 2023, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced the prosecution of a massive fake nursing diploma scheme against three Florida-based nursing schools.  The investigation has now expanded to include several schools of nursing.  The enforcement action resulted in the execution of search warrants in Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Florida, and 25 individuals being charged for their involvement in the fraud scheme.  You can read the federal government’s press releases regarding “Operation Nightingale” HERE.

What is the Georgia Board of Nursing Doing About Operation Nightingale?

The Georgia Board of Nursing has initiated investigations into nurses licensed in Georgia who obtained their credentials many of the now-closed Florida nursing schools implicated in the Operation Nightingale fraudulent credential scandal.  The Georgia Board of Nursing has sent various notices to these nurses, including letters asking the nurses to surrender their licenses and detailed questionnaires asking the nurses to respond to several questions about their nursing education. If you graduated or attended one of the following nursing schools, you may receive a notice of investigation from the Georgia Board of Nursing: 

  • Med-Life Institute West Palm Beach
  • Sunshine Academy
  • Palm Beach School of Nursing
  • Quisqueya
  • Siena College of Health and Siena College of Health II
  • Sacred Heart International Institute
  • Florida College of Health Sciences in Tampa FL
  • Sigma College FL
  • Carleen Health Institute and Carleen Home Health II West Palm Beach FL
  • Carleen Home Health School II – West Palm Beach, FL
  • Ideal Professional Institute – Miami Gardens, FL
  • Jay College of Health – Lake Worth, FL
  • Quisqueya Health Care Academy – Lake Worth, FL
  • Siena Education Center LLC – Lauderhill, FL
  • Sigma Institute of Health Care Careers – Oakland Park, FL
  • The Enfimye Institute – North Palm Beach, FL
  • Med-life Lauderdale Lakes
  • Carleen Health Institute South FL and West Palm Beach
  • Myrielle School of Nursing Palm Springs FL
  • Nursing Bridges Institute Pensacola FL
  • Palm Beach International College Lake Worth
  • Suncoast College of Health Bradenton FL
  • Techni Pro Institute Boca Raton FL

How to Defend Your Nursing License Amidst the Operation Nightingale Scandal?

There is no question that Operation Nightingale has exposed a significant fraud involving several Florida nursing schools, which allegedly sold thousands of fake diplomas and transcripts. This scandal has resulted in federal criminal charges and widespread scrutiny of nurses’ credentials. However, many legitimate students, who completed their coursework and clinical hours, are being unfairly targeted in these investigations.  Many of the nursing programs in question were approved by the Florida Commission for Independent Education and the Florida Board of Nursing. Many students received a proper education, passed the necessary exams, and obtained valid licenses. The New York State Department of Education acknowledges that some graduates from these schools are legitimate, having met all educational and clinical requirements.

The Challenge for Legitimate Nurses

Legitimate nurses are being lumped together with fraudulent ones, facing investigations by state nursing boards and job terminations. The process of determining which nurses are legitimate and which ones are not – is complex and fraught with challenges, especially since the schools have closed and student records may be inaccessible.  As a nurse affected by this scandal, you deserve due process and the right to defend yourself against these allegations. Our law firm understands the immense stress and uncertainty you are facing. We are committed to providing you with the expert legal representation needed to protect your license and career.

Why Hahnah Williams is the Best Choice to Defend Nurses in Operation Nightingale Cases

Expertise in Professional License Defense

Hahnah Williams is a seasoned nurse turned attorney with a proven track record in defending professional licenses, particularly in the healthcare sector. Her extensive experience and deep understanding of nursing regulations make her uniquely qualified to handle cases arising from Operation Nightingale. She has successfully represented numerous clients in complex legal situations, ensuring they receive fair treatment and a robust defense.

Media Contributions and Recognition

Hahnah Williams is recognized for her insightful contributions to major media outlets regarding legal issues in the healthcare industry. Her media presence underscores her expertise and her ability to communicate complex legal matters effectively. For instance, she has been quoted in numerous national media outlets and news shows discussing the implications of Operation Nightingale, where she has articulated the nuances of defending legitimate nurses caught in this scandal.

Commitment to Justice and Due Process

Hahnah has a steadfast commitment to ensuring that every client receives due process and is treated fairly. She has emphasized the importance of separating legitimate nurses from those who fraudulently obtained their credentials, advocating for the rights of her clients with diligence and dedication. Her approach is thorough, empathetic, and client-focused, ensuring that every aspect of the case is meticulously examined and defended.

Proven Results and Client Satisfaction

Her firm’s track record includes numerous successful defenses of professional licenses, with clients expressing high levels of satisfaction with her services. Testimonials often highlight her strategic thinking, comprehensive knowledge, and the personalized attention she provides to each case. These attributes are critical for nurses affected by Operation Nightingale, as they need a defense attorney who is both knowledgeable and compassionate.

Strong Advocacy for Immigrant Nurses

Hahnah understands the unique challenges faced by immigrant nurses, who make up a significant portion of those affected by Operation Nightingale. Her advocacy extends beyond the courtroom, as she works to ensure that these nurses are treated as victims of a flawed system rather than perpetrators of fraud. Her dedication to this cause is evident in her relentless pursuit of justice for her clients.

Contact Hannah Williams and Fight Back Now! 

Hahnah Williams Attorney at Law, P.C. is calling all LEGITIMATE nurses to fight back!If you receive a letter or questionnaire from the Georgia Board of Nursing informing you that your nursing education is under investigation, it is CRITICAL that you contact Attorney Hahnah Williams and Hahnah Williams, Attorney at Law, P.C. immediately.  Our law office is deeply concerned that legitimate nurses are being investigated.  Your nursing career and professional livelihood are of utmost importance!  Please do not take these questionnaires lightly.  The professional license defense team at Hahnah Williams Attorney at Law, P.C. is ready and willing to defend nurses who are under investigation by the Georgia Board of Nursing related to Operation Nightingale.  If you are a nurse under investigation due to Operation Nightingale, contact us immediately. Our dedicated team is here to help you navigate through this challenging time and defend your right to practice. Call us at 678.505.1778 or complete this form to schedule a consultation.

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