When allegations of substance abuse, professional misconduct or other inappropriate behaviors arise, your license, your livelihood and your future may be in jeopardy.  As a nurse turned attorney, Hahnah brings a unique perspective to the representation of pharmacists before the Georgia Board of Pharmacy, other state licensing divisions, and administrative courts.  

She also defends pharmacists who face disciplinary action regarding DUI, drug diversion, positive drug tests, criminal convictions, patient complaints, probation violations, impairment issues and unprofessional conduct.  

If you are a pharmacist who has received a call, email, or letter from the licensing Board or are experiencing any other time sensitive license matter, you are advised to call Hahnah immediately at (678) 505-1778 or schedule a consultation here.  Don’t wait!  Time is of the essence. 

Hahnah handles the following license matters on behalf of pharmacists:

  • Board Complaints: requests for sworn statements; investigatory interviews 
  • Board or DEA Investigations:  Violation of professional standards, including failure to account for controlled substances or failure to dispense proper medication
  • License Applications: denials, renewals, reinstatements 
  • Reporting: prior and/or current arrests and convictions 
  • Criminal actions: DUI, drug diversion, prescription fraud, theft, assault
  • Drug or Alcohol Impairment: substance abuse, drug diversion, positive drug and/or alcohol tests, self-reporting; controlled substance crimes and violations 
  • Employment issues: employer investigatory interviews, credentialing, disciplinary action, claims of unprofessional conduct 
  • Professional liability: negligence investigations 
  • Failure to report mandatory reporting requirements 
  • Administrative Hearings: Appeals and OSAH hearings.
  • Recordkeeping: Failure by the pharmacy or pharmacist to maintain proper logs, records, and accounts
  • DEA Matters:  Diversion of narcotics or other controlled substances or devices by the pharmacist, pharmacy technician, or pharmacy employee, improperly Filling Prescriptions, over-prescription of controlled substances
  • Regulatory Violations: Failure to designate a Pharmacist in Charge, Pharmacy to Tech ratio; inadequate Inventory Records
Attorney Hahnah Williams

Hahnah Williams, Attorney at Law, PC

As a nurse turned attorney, Hahnah understands the stress and worry that is caused by a professional license matter.  Like you, Hahnah relied on her healthcare license to earn a living. This is why Hahnah fights hard for her fellow healthcare professionals!